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Everybody should be able to tell their story

As a director or business owner, you face a lot and you are expected to keep a cool head in all kinds of situations when employees come to you for advice.

But who can you turn to with your concerns? We noticed that the importance of a sounding board is an essential basis to ensure that you stay fit and you can focus on your responsibilities. Our coaches believe in an approach that goes beyond a listening ear. You need someone who is there for you, who you can fall back on when things are tough.

Our collaborations are successful by shaping the personal relationship between you and your coach. Our coaches provide advice based on their own experiences, theory, and experiences from the top sports world.

"The differences in the demand for help among directors/entrepreneurs are very similar to those of top athletes and artists. The needs of every individual differ, it is essential that you have a coach that suits you as a person and with whom you have a good relationship. This also applies the other way around for the coach. A coach must have the feeling that he can start a good collaboration with a client."

Bart van Vliet (coach)

Together with your coach, you determine what the guidance encompasses. Individual coaching is custom-made and the content can also change over time.