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Welcome to HAMITH, where we believe mental strength is the key to exceptional sports performance. We are passionate about helping professional athletes strengthen their mental resilience, reduce stress and increase self-confidence. Together we create a winning mindset that leads to success on and off the field.

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What we do

Our mission is to support talented athletes in reaching their full potential. We strive to create an environment where athletes are self-aware and feel confident. As a result, their talents will shine.

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Based on relationship and trust

We believe that athletes perform better when they feel good and are challenged to grow as a person. Our relationships are based on trust. We know our athletes and what is important to them.

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Become your best self

As a top athlete, you understand better than anyone that you are responsible for your own success, but that doesn't mean you have to do it all alone. We understand the value of guidance and support; someone who can help you see situations in the right perspective, occasionally hold a mirror up to you, or assist you in setting goals. You can count on this support from us.

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