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Wouter Klapwijk

My name is Wouter Klapwijk, I am 38 years. I am born and raised in Amersfoort. Currently, I live in Zwolle, together with my wife and son.

Without judgement, Good listener, Curious


After a career as professional athlete in volleyball I have worked in a Psychiatric hospital within forensic healthcare. After that, I became an entrepreneur and started Proventie BV. A company that focusses on improving mental health of employees in organizations.

In my spare time I love to do sports, mainly fitness. I like to walk with our dog, and recently I started sailing. Besides, I enjoy fresh coffee, a proper whiskey, and good food.

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professional volleyball

My own career

During my professional career, I have played volleyball at the highest level for twelve seasons. In which I have played nine finals and have won four prizes. I (now) proudly look back at my sports career and achievements.

My motivation

At the same time, mentally there were very tough periods. A lot happened to me privately and in sports. I got through many of these periods on my own by fighting every day and pushing my boundaries. I experienced what it is like to survive, to fight, to win, and to lose. Sometimes I felt lonely and looking back I missed someone to talk to who understood what I was going through as a professional athlete. I find it a privilege to make myself available to athletes that may benefit from this guidance.

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Performance coach

As an experience expert in professional sports, I can imagine what you are going through as an athlete. Dealing with performing under pressure, outsiders’ criticism, keeping your joy and motivation, focus, and confidence over time. This is a list of issues that you might encounter which hinder your performance. I can support you to develop mentally as a person.

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Relationship of trust

Moreover, I will help you to feel well and guide you in what is necessary to deliver peak performance and stay close to yourself. When working together, trust is essential. Therefore, I would like to build on this relationship of trust and get to know you better. People perceive me as judgment-free, careful, curious, and full of optimism. I would like to get in touch with you for an extensive introduction.

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