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Twan van den Heuvel

I was born and raised in Waalwijk in a family with 3 brothers and one sister. In between I lived in Curaçao for a number of years for my father's work. I am happily married to a lovely beautiful woman, together we have three daughters. I am also the grandfather of a star in the making, my grandson who loves football just like me.

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relaxed, versatile, loyal, faith


I've always been interested in behavior, in why people do things the way they do. I am also always working on making people stronger, more independent and I find it a thrill when people find their strength through my coaching. I believe that every person is unique and special. The art of living is discovering what you are destined for. I know that if you know your destination, you can set better goals.


In my view, development and discovering who you can be is not so much about gathering knowledge and training. It is about unwrapping yourself (just like a mummy) so you can see what's already inside of you in terms of talents and strength.

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Performance Coach

I am a performance coach who is driven and loyal, delivers quality, challenges and helps people to become the best version of themselves. I use the powerful life lessons and people knowledge that I have acquired in combination with the 25 years of experience as a coach to empower people. This is actually the most beautiful passion for me, it gives me joy to see others shine and see them successful.

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