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Levi Opdam

I was born and raised in Alkmaar. Currently I live in Deventer. My big passion is to communicate with the people around me, to know what is really going on in their life.

Empatic, Reliable, straight forward


As a player, I always followed my guts and didn't really thought about how to handle in situations. When I got older, I knew this wasn't always the best way to react and started to change. This is a lesson that I want to spread to high performers, especially the younger generation.

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My motivation

I want to be like a big brother for the younger generation, so that this younger generation already develop their mental health for their upcoming career as a high performer. Show them they can reach a lot, only if they really want it, that's what I want to teach them.


Performance coach

I'm at my best in 1 on 1 conversations. Also coaching in small groups suits me. To build real connections with people is important to me. With my history in football, I know that this job suits me perfect.

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