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Leroy Kersten

I am Leroy Kersten, born in Vlissingen. This is where I have lived for most of my life. Until today, I still enjoy living in this vibrant city. My passion is rugby. That is why, you will often find me on the rugby field. Moreover, I like to stay in shape by combining rugby with fitness and mountain biking.

Motivator, Respectful, Go-getter


I like to be one that listens to whatever you have to say. To be as a brother to others, and to give that little push that someone just needs. Further, it motivates me to come up with unique and innovative solutions, I love to challenge myself and put everything I have got in whatever I do.

Hamith Leroy


Performance coach

As a coach, I love to support others to grow as a person or in life. I am also active as a project developer. Every day, I try to come up with and develop new projects.

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