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Laura Sanna

I was born and raised in Deventer. I really like this city, that's why I still live there. A big part of my family still lives at Deventer. I also have family in Sardine, Italy. That's why I'm often in Italy with friends and family. Making memories and enjoying the Italian kitchen with family and friends makes me really happy.

Reliable, honest, passionate and loyal


What happens in the brain and why they react as they react triggers me. Next to that, I'm really easy to connect with. I often give off a sense of security. To have that connection with high performers such as pro athletes is special and really beautiful.

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My motivation

Because of the connections I make, I can do what I love the most. Putting people in their own power and let them put the maximum out of themselves, off the field as on the field. Life has taught me many lessons. I take this with me in my work, in my passion.


Performance coach

I distinguish myself by being personal, looking for the core, taking on the process and focusing on performance. Everyone has his or her own process at the pace that suits the high performer the best.

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