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Jorn Dekkers

My name is Jorn Dekkers, I am born and raised in a small village in Flevoland called Tollebeek.

Enthusiasm, Ambition, Genuine interest


I like to play indoor football, football, and padel with friends on the weekends. For my study, Sports, Health, and Management, I moved to Groningen and have never left here since.

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My motivation

First, I’m always looking for an environment, people, and responsibilities that give me energy. During my study, I found out that I got energy from helping athletes within a professional sports organization. Contributing to an athlete's professional sports career, in whatever way, drives me.

Previously, I did this as a youth coach at FC Groningen. During my internships at AFC Ajax and FC Groningen, I discovered that I became interested in marketing, especially in social media marketing. The young and innovative atmosphere at those departments made me curious. Therefore, I started the master content and media strategy after my study Sport, Health, and Management. Trying to find out what the content needs of different audiences are, based on data, is something that I made my own and love to do.

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Marketing manager

My speciality

Nowadays I help athletes with content strategies to grow their audiences and build a brand. As social media marketer at Brainpink and marketing manager at Hamith, I can work on this every day of the week.

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