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Ferdi Slijkhuis

My name is Ferdi Slijkhuis. 39 years, and born and raised in Apeldoorn. I grew up in a family with a father, mother, brother, and little sister.

Working hard, relaxing hard, reliable, sincerity


After high school, I joined the Marine Corps, this broadened and enriched my world. These six years have largely contributed to the person that I am today and that I am proud of. Connection, power, and dedication are three core values of the Marines, which I underline.

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Ferdi Slijkhuis1

My motivation

A couple of years ago I have had the ‘lucky’ experience of getting stuck in my beliefs and thought patterns. I thought I did well for others by working hard for them. I was being valued for what I did and who I was, but started to ask myself: who am I really? I got stuck because it was never good enough, things could and had to be better. This took lots of time and energy. That pushed my family to the background.

I was asking too much of myself. I wanted to be a good father, partner, son, brother, friend, hardworking employee, and trainer. That was impossible. Through trial and error and with a lot of support I have learned to balance things better. I told myself to not set the bar too high. I started to prioritize the issues that are important to my family and me. This time, from my heart and from connection with the precious people around me.

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Performance coach

I work with young adults and adults in youth care, psychiatry, and addiction care. Often, these are people that have been through a lot and who have been in contact with many different healthcare workers. Important to me is ‘real’ connection with others. I want to get to know people and I want them to get to know me.

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Once the connection is there, I help people with the questions, wishes, expectations and convictions they have, or are stuck with. Moreover, I sincerely and clearly confront them with problems and questions of their own, that result in beautiful solutions or goals for the future. In my opinion, the beauty of my work, is that answers are often closer than thought, and the path towards it is a journey that stays with you for the rest of your life.

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