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Chantal Boschker

I was born in Hengelo. I am married with Sander since 2012, we have two children, Levy and Ravi. Sander also has three children from a previous relationship, Jikke, Bouwe, and Seb. And as a child, I played sports at a high level: tennis, gymnastics, and handball.

Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial; a little impatient


My friends and family are very valuable to me. Sports have always played a large part in my life and still do. I love to drink cappuccino and rosé wine. At a young age, I also started working in the family sports store, called Vaneker Sport. The store was passed on from generation to generation and became a true football specialty store. When I was 26, I took over the store. For 18 years long, I have fulfilled this profession with lots of enthusiasm, until we had to close the store after 76 years.

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Entering the football world

When I was 32 years old, I met Sander, who has been goalkeeper at FC Twente for 25 years. As a player’s woman, I got to know a special, intriguing, but also strange world. The football world is all about the athlete, but I noticed that the success was made partly determined by having a solid home. In the years that followed I have been on many trips with other players’ women.

My motivation

We shared stories and experiences. How exciting and scary it was to move to another city or country time after time when their partners moved to a new football club. Not knowing anyone, not speaking the language, not being able to get around or a babysitter. They were completely dependent on their partner and had to get used to the new environment. Often, I heard about the limited support from clubs and was I confronted about getting support. That always stayed with me.

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Lifestyle manager

I support athletes and their families with day to day business outside the club. That is how I want to contribute to the success of an athlete and the quality of life of the family. For example, I help them choosing a new insurance, look for a new home after a transfer, or help to select a new babysitter.

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It is my mission to support people, make sure they feel well in their own environment. So that the athlete can do what he or she has to do!

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