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Tom van der Weerd

Tom is born and raised in Kampen, and still lives here. He grew up in a family of five. With his dad, who's also his best friend Jan, and like him, is a member of the fire brigade, and his mum Susanne. He has two little sisters: Eva, who is a hairdresser, and Anna, who is studying physiotherapy. Currently, He lives together with his girlfriend Heleen, she is a doctor.


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Tom van der Weerd

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"I love my work at the fire brigade, hanging out with friends a lot, and I enjoy cooking, especially at the BBQ."

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Keep dreaming

Do what you want to do.

For me, that means NO bungee jumping, parachute jumping, or anything like that. What then? I am not sure, perhaps I would love to open my own restaurant or store with delicatessens and great beers and wines.

Important moments of Tom

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Transfer from SLAM! to Qmusic


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Bought my first house in Kampen


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My own evening show at SLAM! with Bram


The buttons are fun

I love to entertain

I started as DJ because I was a radio-nerd who just love to play around with buttons. Nowadays, I cannot think of a life without radio, and nothing makes me happier than sitting in a studio and entertaining the Netherlands with our music, prizes, and jokes.

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I started in a small studio in my attic, and soon I worked at the local radio station in Kampen. A talent academy in Hilversum led to an internship at Radio 538. When this ended, they offered me my first contract and said: "Go work a lot, show us what you can do in radio production and in developing radio items."


The evening show

I got a full-time job in the producing- and editing team of SLAM!. Soon after, I got the opportunity to go live on the radio. That became more and more, and finally, I ended up in the evening show with Bram Krikke.

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Introduced to HAMITH

Somewhere in January 2020 I went for a cup of coffee with Gerben Post, the CEO of DDF People. We got along very well. In the beginning, it was mostly Brainpink who was helping me. After a while, that shifted to HAMITH. I decided to work with DDF People because of the warm welcoming feeling and the easygoing communication. Next to that, the people I work with now are of my age, and we seem to share the way of thinking, which works very nicely.

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