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Godfried Roemeratoe

Godfried was born in Vlissingen, Zeeland and grew up in Oost-Souburg, a village nearby Vlissingen. He grew up in a family of six, with his mom Dolly and dad Siegfried, and being the youngest of his family, he has three older brothers: Milton, Renzo, and Geraldo.


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Godfried Roemeratoe

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At a young age, Godfried left his parental house in Oost-Souburg to live in Hengelo for football. Besides football, he enjoys being with his family and friends, loves to watch series and movies. Somethings he does boxing, goes for a walk, reads a book, or listens to a podcast. One day he would like to travel the world.

Important moments of Godfried

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Becoming uncle 5 times

2020 / 2012

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Moving to Hengelo


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Grandma passing away


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My reason to play

I play football because I have been given talent and I want to explore how far I can make it. I hope to create a large community, because I want to share my vision of life with other people. Especially on younger people. I hope to be able to motivate them and share positivity!

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I was playing football at JVOZ in Zeeland. When they started a partnership with FC Twente, every now and then some players were allowed to do an internship at FC Twente. I was selected for such an internship and that is how I was scouted.


Introduced to Hamith

The first time I heard about Hamith was in 2021. When I was playing at FC Twente Under 19, Bart van Vliet joined our team to help us become a better team. He was with us for one season and during that season a lot of things happened that I liked. After that season, Bart left the club, but I kept close contact.

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Our connection

"I see him as a big brother"

I have known Bart for a couple of years now. I see him as a big brother who watches over me and who helps me to be the best version of myself as a person and as a football player. The team surrounding me at Hamith is very professional and they’ll help me with whatever I need!

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