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As a calm kid, Glenn grew up in the small village 't Harde. He liked to be on his own, reading books in his loft bed. As a child, his moods went often from happy to insecure. The reason for his insecureness: stutter. As an adolescent, he became more confident. He got a clear goal in his mind; The first steps in the hiphop scene were made together with his brother Kevin, artist name Blackstar. At this moment, he developed himself to the artist he is nowadays.


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Glenn de Randamie

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"'I was blind but now I see amazing grace.' That is what God did for me"


Paulo Coelho - By the river Pierda I sat down and wept

Source of inspiration

I had trouble with the religious pieces, securing the holy spirit. The name of God was tarnished and the word religion gave me a bad taste. That's why I started to call God "Lovely Lovely".

Because of the book 'By the river Pierda I sat down and wept' from Paulo Coelho, I realised that it doesn't matter how you call God, but that you call him. That's why I could make a difference between what the world made of God and what my personal relation was with God. That's why I could call God God again.

Important moments in the life of Glenn


Receiving 'Grote Prijs van Nederland'



Finding 'Lobi da Basi' in the middle of Suriname



First meeting with Bart


Hiphop is the courage for you to be you

Why I play

Hiphop gave me the freedom that the world couldn't give me. I could be myself with Hiphop. It helped me a lot in finding who I am.



Introduced by Hamith

I met Bart together with Kingsley in Zwolle. Soon, we started to talk about Jesus. We directly set up a evening together, you just felt the magic. After this evening, this feeling kept simmering. Something I experienced, but also Bart experienced. At one moment he said: "If you need any help, let me know."

That's how it grew. Now he often visits me and joins me every show. He is described as coach, but I would rather call him a brother, a boss.

What did Hamith gave you?

Besides Bart being Bart, he also gave me a really good network. Currently, I receive coaching in Nutrition from nutrition coach Reda. This helps me a lot during and after shows. I'm not that tired anymore after shows. Besides this, we have a Whatsapp groupschat with Cody and Kingsley. We learn a lot from eachother and let eachother grow. Since Hamith, this became a really big added value.